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All Food Equipment is a national Silver-Chef hospitality equipment Gold Dealer.

We know that setting up or renovating a restaurant, commercial kitchen, bar, café or starting a new business from scratch can be a very exciting and rewarding experience but also an expensive exercise.

The SILVERCHEF, (RENT-TRY-BUY) 1 Year rental alternative is perfect for business owners who want to free up their finances, avoid Director’s Guarantees, and give themselves the ultimate finance flexibility.

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The Rent-Try-Buy program is popular with people who want to use their working capital wisely. Please note the minimum amount for rental contract is from 1 Year and from $2,000 including GST. A Contract Documentation fee is also required with final approval documents only.

Important business advantages of the Silver Chef Rent-Try-Buy system

Clearly renting your equipment is going to free up a lot of working capital for that critical first 12 months.

After the first 12 months you have a choice of options you just can’t get any other way.

  • If things haven’t worked out as you expected, hand the equipment back. No questions. No penalties.
  • You can upgrade your equipment.
  • Or you can buy the equipment outright.
  • Or if you want to continue renting after 12 months that’s fine too, Silver Chef will simply continue to reduce the purchase price.
  • You can purchase at any time and the price just gets cheaper.

It’s your choice. You just can’t get this level of flexibility when you buy or lease equipment.

The great thing is, if you do decide to purchase your equipment, Silver Chef will happily rebate 75% of the rent you paid over the first 12 months towards the original equipment purchase price, Awesome.

Silver Chef Limited
PO Box 1760
Milton BC 4064
Tel: 1800 660 656 – Fax: 07 3335 3399
Fast Phone approvals Ph: 1800 337 153

Frequently Asked Questions about the Rent-Try-Buy System

How do I get started? Shop on our website for all your commercial catering equipment, add to the quoting cart and send, indicate that you are also after the Silver Chef Rent-Try-Buy system. We will return quote with your selections

Application Fax Form, Click here – Then complete and Free Fax to the number on the application form.

We will forward your equipment quote to Silver Chef after we have confirmed the availability of your equipment selections.
Once approved the rental agreement will be posted or emailed to you for your authority to proceed.
You should receive the agreement within two to four (2 – 4) days of lodging your application

With the return of the signed contract agreement, Silver Chef require payment of the first week’s rent, a contract fee and security bond. The security bond is equivalent to 13 weeks or 3 months rent.

This is payable via either cheque, money order, Visa or Master Card

Note: The Security bond is refunded to you if you exercise your purchase option or return the equipment after the term. Future rental payments commence from the date of delivery of the equipment

Credit Pre-Approval with No Strings attached?

Yes, Simply download and print our application form, complete all relevant section. Send your application form to ‘Silver Chef’ on Toll Free Fax: 1800 884 431. Your application will be approved within 48 hours and you will be contacted to be advised of your credit limit. Even at this stage you are under no obligation, and no payments start until you would like to acquire a piece of equipment or machine. You are able to research or wait for our product specials of your choice. Payments will start from when you receive delivery of the product/or products.

How can I find how much my Rental Payments are going to be every week?
Using the Rental Calculator – Click here

How do I pay my rent?
Ongoing rental payments are required to be made via weekly DDR. We’ll provide you with the forms you need to arrange this as needed.

What about Installation and Warranty?
Installation and Commissioning is not included in the rental agreement. (Note that you must use an authorised service agent when having gas equipment installed.)

  • Warranty – New Equipment – As supplied by the Manufacturer subject to their Terms and Conditions of Trade.
  • Service is provided during normal working hours Monday to Friday – 8.30am – 5pm. Service can be performed out of hours, however, the difference in the cost to a normal hours service will be the responsibility of the customer.
  • Warranty – Used Equipment – Three (3) months’ parts and labour from date of installation. Service is provided during normal working hours Monday to Friday – 8.30am – 5pm. Service can be performed out of hours, however, the difference in the cost to a normal hours service will be the responsibility of the customer.

Three Things Most People Don’t Appreciate About Renting…
Apart from the fact that you don’t need to provide a Director’s Guarantee to rent from Silver Chef, renting has three other very important benefits:

  • It frees up working capital to help you grow the business. Paying ‘cash’ for kitchen equipment means you have less working capital available to promote and grow the business. You’ll always get a better return on your money by investing it in the business than by tying it up in kitchen equipment that depreciates rapidly;
  • Remember, it’s the use of the equipment, not the ownership, that produces profit …
  • Rental payments are an operating expense. This means no liability appears on your balance sheet – unlike when you take out a loan or lease. And because you have no balance sheet liability from your kitchen equipment, you can maintain a higher line of credit with your bankers.
    It all comes back to working capital. Most businesses fail to thrive (or just plain fail) due to a lack of it. Renting gives you access to working capital that you just can’t get by leasing or purchasing equipment.


Catering and Hospitality Equipment Finance

If you’re a catering business looking for commercial kitchen equipment, Flexi Commercial can help businesses get the equipment they need and keep cash flowing.
FlexiCommercial’s FREE Upgrade option allows customers to update equipment when required, a great way for maintaining cash flow and keeping ahead of the competition.

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As commercial businesses grow and their equipment needs evolve, owners and operators will be looking for an easy way to finance their ongoing needs. In fact many of our customers lease their new equipment over the life of its manufactures warranty, then upgrade to new equipment for no extra cost.

This is a great way of guaranteeing your equipment and securing your business revenue.

Why lease catering equipment with FlexiCommercial?

Flexible 24, 36, 48 and 60 month term options
We offer tailored solutions that support growing businesses
Maintain your cash flow – no capital outlay

Simple equipment leasing solutions

Ovens, Product Displays and Bakery Equipment
Ensure your business is running on the best systems

Keeping up with new equipment technology and remaining ahead of your competition can drastically affect your cash flow. Utilising a business finance option is a great way to stay up-to-date with technology and can move the absolute cost of equipment from a liability to a tax deductible operating expense*.

Fridges, Ice Cream Machines and Commercial Washers
Find the flexible finance solution to suit your business needs

FlexiCommercial provides a range of finance solutions for businesses and industries. This means we make it easy to finance a single machine or whole business equipment fit outs. With flexible terms and end of term options we can provide a customized solution to suit single piece equipment right through to major equipment upgrades and purchases.

Whole Business Solutions
Bundle a variety of catering and hospitality assets into one easy monthly payment

Why not choose to bundle all of your Catering/Hospitality equipment needs into one easy payment that can be up to 100% tax deductible*? Flexi Commercial can improve your balance sheet by turning liabilities into simple operating expenses. We offer flexible terms, cost effective rates and great end of term options – contact a FlexiCommercial manager to discuss a whole business equipment solution.

Call 1300 874 963 – 1300 871 608 to get a quote or apply for office equipment finance from Flexi-Commercial.

*Tax deductions may apply. FlexiCommercial does not provide legal, tax or accounting advice. See your tax advisor for details. Finance subject to credit assessment and approval. Please see product terms and conditions for full details. Pricing based on a 60-month term Operating lease, payable monthly (GST inclusive). Quoted lease amounts are based 60 month term, include GST are paid monthly and subject to change without notice. Final rental payments will be supplied upon approval.



Alliance Equipment Finance was built on a foundation of strong family values and a culture focused on Delivering True Value to all stakeholders. It is in fact our mission. Our stakeholders being clients, employees, partners, shareholders and the community.

While Alliance Equipment Finance has continued to grow and evolve, one focus has remained throughout; Delivering True Value. It plays a part in every facet of Alliance Equipment Finance and ensures our staff, clients, business partners and the community continue to receive highly valued support from Alliance Equipment Finance.

Ph: 1300 362 800 – Fax: 1300 362 512
Contact: Steve Domonkos

By combining ‘All Food Equipment’s’ business strengths and experience with ours, together ‘Alliance’ can provide clients with a complete tailored solution for their commercial equipment and funding requirements. Please contact Alliance for more information on these and the many other benefits you’ll enjoy by having a finance program run by Alliance Equipment Finance P/L.



EFS provides clients with a funding solution for their business for amounts up to $150,000 with the simplest guidelines for approval in the market.

At EFS we handle the transaction for you from start to finish making the application and settlement process simple.

The main benefits of our program are:

  • Deal Direct with the Funder
  • No Financial Statements Required
  • Dedicated Service
  • Fast Approvals
  • Same Day Settlements
  • Competitive Rates

EFS is committed to providing our clients with a Fast Business Leasing Solutions.

EFS House Level 10, 131 York Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Tel: 1300 304 337
Fax: 1300 306 337 (Business)
Fax: 1300 308 337 (Finance Applications)



The Victory Finance Group is both a liscenced Credit Provider (a direct lender with its own funds) and Finance Brokerage, in terms of the Commercial Tribunal of New South Wales, in accordance with the Credit Administration Act of 1984.

Victory was established in 1980 and is a Direct Lending Institution for all types of commercial lending. i.e. for Sole Traders, Business Partnerships, Companies, Organisations, etc., in fact for any commercial purpose. Victory Finance Group specialises in arrangements of the above loan facilities, whether big or small.

Victory offers you fast, personal and confidential service. Victory’s principals offer you over 50 years of combined lending experience.
The Victory Finance Group alleviates the need for you to leave your home or business premises, we come to you.
Victory Finance Limited. Ph: (02) 9719 8433

Why use Victory?
Because they offer the most competitive commercial finance in Australia, supported by substantial industry experience, knowledge and service.

What is available from The Victory Finance Group?

  1. They offer Lease Finance for all types for Commercial Food and Business Equipment, including a leaseback finance.
  2. Business Loans (not necessarily supported by real estate, but with the value of the businesses as security).
  3. Insurance arrangement and Insurance premium funding.
  4. Development finance and consultancy for type of proposal.
  5. Mercantile agency facilities

Are you:

  • Dissatisfied with your current bank’s loan facilities or your current lender?
  • Concerned that you’ve been ‘had’ when borrowing money now or in the past?
  • Aware that you may be paying substantially more interest rates than is available?
  • Dealing with a lender who requires loan fees in advance?
  • Concerned about re-occurring loan fees or charges after having finalised loan finding?
  • Concerned that the ‘comfort’ of trusting’ . . . your Bank or lender of many years standing is now not so “comfortable”?
  • Not being able to obtain the loan amount required?

If so, contact our office for your next equipment loan and we will put you in touch with ‘The Victory Finance Group’

Try Victory Finance

  • No Obligation
  • No Loan Fees or Charges in advance
  • Best Interest Rates and Lowest Costs in the Country
  • Loan Approvals in 30 minutes generally T.A.P

Victory Finance Limited. Ph: (02) 9719 8433
192 Victoria Rd, Drummoyne, NSW 2047.
Back the Victory Group, A Winning Team

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