How Quotes Work

How Quotes Work

Select Equipment – Add your Details and we’ll get back to you quickly with an amazing deal.
We will work hard to earn your business and save you money, (that’s what we do).

Just use the orange add to quote button to add products to your quote.

We’ll check availability and prepare a delivery quote. If there is any issues at all we’ll contact you. If everything is good, we’ll send you a quote, which is good for one month from the date of issue.

Submitting this quote will set up a FREE QUOTING ACCOUNT. This is not a full account. there’s no need to rush things. You will receive a password by email and you can use this (along with your email address, which is your login) to access and manage your secure account. The reason we require an account is that we’ve found it an effective way to identify genuine enquiries. It also makes the transition to a FULL account much easier.

Once you’ve received our quote and decide to proceed with the purchase, it is a very simple process to upgrade your account to FULL status and add your details. If you already have an account then feel free to just login to proceed.

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