Promek Coolfresh Cold Drink Dispenser VL-250

Model VL250Brand Promek

50 Litres Counter Top Cold Drink Dispenser – Capacity: Two x 25 Litre bowls.


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Cold Drink Dispenser features

  • Cold Drink Dispenser Machine Capacity: Two x 25Litre bowls
  • Paddle Type – Quick Cooling – Efficient – Reliable
  • Easy to Clean – Compact Size – Economical
  • The stainless steel structure and the easy bowls removal, reduces substantially the every day cleaning operation time.
  • IDEAL COOLING Through a double jacketed stainless steel, cylinder, thus granting an homogeneous beverage temperature, from the top to the bottom of the bowl.
  • PERFECT MIXING By non toxic stirrer driven by, specially designed heavy duty motoreducers.
  • The stir system allows a quick mixing with no unpleasant, foaming effects nor beverage oxidation.
  • PRECISE THERMOSTAT Sensing the temperature trough, a probe placed at direct contact with the beverage.
  • Easy thermostat operation by turning knob placed behind drip tray.
  • Exclusive Drink Dispensing Valve “Non Drip” for easy cleaning
  • Power 240V 10amps
  • Cold Drink Dispenser Dimensions: 65cm x 46cm x 67cm – Weight: 44kg
  • Drink Dispenser comes with Promek 2 Year Warranty
    Cold Drink Dispenser is Proudly made in Italy

Cold Drink Dispenser Suitable for milk and juices etc, the dispenser makes choice available and ensures that liquids are maintained at food safe temperatures.

Cold Drink Dispenser Excellent for a Variety of Products such as Fruit Juices from concentrates – Milk Based Beverages – Sports Drinks – Flavoured Ice Tea and much more. Chilled Drink dispenser is built to withstand the demands of high traffic areas such as clubs, pubs, gyms, cafeterias, etc.

Cold Drink dispensers sale are an ingenious way to reduce service costs and make water and other beverages available to clients on demand and are a favourite of hotels, aged care facilities, breakfast clubs and restaurants.

All Food Equipment – Delivering Cold Drink Dispensers Australia wide.

Metro Area's Warranty – 2 Year Parts / Labour Warranty
Promek Service/Parts – Ph: 02 9648 3570 – Fax: 02 9648 2269
Service On-site by arragaged Technician

Country Area's Warranty – 2 Year Parts / Labour Warranty
Promek Service/Parts – Ph: 02 9648 3570 – Fax: 02 9648 2269
Service On-site by arragaged Technician, some area's that don't have service access, units are Back to Base

Warranties cover all new equipment against defective parts and manufacturing defects for a period of twenty four (24) months from the purchase date, provided that the purchaser does not install, adjust or allow to be installed or adjusted, in the machine(s), any parts or equipment and has adhered to all the operating instructions provided  or has disposed of the goods to another party.  All warranty conditions shall be declared void and terminated on any or all items at any time should any payments remain outstanding, beyond the terms of credit, if any, extended to the purchaser by All Food Equipment. Warranty is not extended to cover the following items where applicable…refrigerant, glass or plastic components, light globes or tubes, labour, damage, whether accidentally or deliberately caused, whether in transit or not, failure or loss of any component caused by non observance of Promek explicit recommendations, or execution of recommended maintenance, or for any works whatsoever carried out by any person not qualified by Promek service to do so or by any Technician not specifically trained or authorised by Promek to do so.  All warranty conditions shall become void and terminated should the agreed terms and other conditions herein stated, in their entirety not be made within the time stated herein.

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